Project management for teams

The Portal software manages all of the assets associated with Modest3D projects and organizational permissions for viewing the assets within your organization. This is ideal for large enterprises that require collaboration on projects.

Modest3D Portal Benefits
Collaborate on Modest3D projects

Create projects, manage teams and invite users to simply manage complex projects. Work simultaneously with centralized project storage and automatic version control. Access Files, projects and launch projects from the cloud in real time across platforms.

Manage all your Content

Load models, animations and assets that can be used across different Modest3D projects. Keep all your organization’s Modest3D learning assets in one coordinated location.

Have a History of Your Projects

Track and use in repository and export to Modest 3D Designer, Explorer and Editor. Portal houses all history of the project, including models and changes made by users.

Control Access

Set user permission controls for access to projects. Create Organizations and teams to manage access levels to a project.


Protect private information and repositories with secure storage. Modest Tree is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified. Able to be installed behind client firewalls for increased security.

Innovative Controls

Includes a Git-enabled version control system that takes snapshots of your project. You can make branches to experiment and come back to snapshots you took.

Manage, host, edit, organize and deploy 3D projects securely.

Top Questions about Modest3D Portal

Can I re-assign licences to team members?

Yes. You can assign licences to any member listed within your organization that has permission.

I need additional support, can you help?

Yes. Access the resource library from your account that includes a wide variety of how-to videos and documentation. 24/7 customer support is available.

Can my organization host all our data?

Yes. Project is a separate piece of software and users with standalone licenses of Modest3D have the option to purchase a Project license and then to have the software hosted on their own servers.

Customized Demo of Portal
Let us show you the Portal in action and walk you through the full feature set.