Rapidly Tailor your Model and Scene

Make rapid adjustments to your model and scene, and seamlessly integrate to Modest3D Editor or Xplorer software. The Designer tool is ideal for setting up your scene and making adjustments to 3D models.

Modest3D Designer Benefits
Streamlined Scene Setup

Save time by making a broad range of frequently used model and scene edits directly in Designer. Change model colours, reposition components within the scene and exclude parts.

Customize Colliders

Customize the colliders in your model for memory and speed optimization. Select from mesh, sphere, box or sphere colliders.

Easily Adjustable Pivot Points

Adjust pivot points using the intuitive 3D gizmos to grab the pivot point and move it to the correct location.

Animation Editing

Easily break animation sequences into individual animation components using the intuitive keyframe editor.

Real-time scene viewing

After you have made your model and scene adjustments you can preview them in Designer to ensure that your scene is setup as intended.

Make Beautiful Scene Lighting

Improve the visuals in your 3D scene without requiring a 3D modeler, by adding a variety of lighting directly within Designer.

Optimize Loading Speed

Reduce the number of vertices using a polygon reduction feature, resulting in a model that loads quicker and draws less memory.

Make 3D model and scene edits without going back to the design team or leaving Modest3D.

Top Questions about Modest3D Designer

Do I need 3D modeling skills to use Designer?

No. Designer is purpose-built with several complexity levels to accommodate a range of skill levels and is well suited for individuals without 3D modeling expertise.

Can I choose more than one type of collider?

Yes. Select any of the four colliders for any object in the scene.

Can I export my lesson to any format?

No. Designer exports lessons in MT and MT scene formats that are exclusive to the Modest 3D Software suite.

Customized Demo of Designer
Let us show you the Designer in action and walk you through the full feature set.